Estepona Physiotherapy – Active Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

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Estepona Physiotherapy – Active Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

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Asistencia Accidente Trafico
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Active Physiotherapy and Osteopathy is a medical center that has Consultation Traumatology Unit injured in traffic accidents , physiotherapy and osteopathy.

Our center is located in the west side of Estepona (Málaga) , with an easy parking area.
Its facilities are able for handicapped people as well as, it has and easy and confortable access from both streets, Carlos Cano street and Guadiaro street.

We have a young but highly qualified professional team with over 10 years of experience in different areas.

Our philosophy is personalized treatment in order to cover all needs of each patient. All our services are upon request.

We work for the following health insurance: